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Juniors (10 – 18 years)

Players included into the competition tennis category are divided by their performance and age into their corresponding groups. The fees for the training plan are based on the group a player is placed in. More information about the traing plan and fees will be provided personally.

  • Extraleague players
  • National team players
  • CTM (Center of talented youth)
  • U16
  • U12 and U14
  • U10 (HTO)
  • Precompetition tennis

Players that meet the criteria for being included in the national team or CTM are provided with grants, based on which are their monthly fees adjusted.

All players are able to book additional courts outside of the training plan for individual practices. The courts can be booked either as a one-time reservation or a whole-season reservation, accorfding to the guidelines approved by the club’s committee. All players are required to pay the members‘ fee, 150€ for players over 10 years of age and 50€ for kids 10 and under. The training plan fees are required to be paid regardless of the number of trainings taken part in.

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