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Our structure

TK Slovan is a civic association, founded as a succesor to TJ Slovan. Currently, Miloslav Mečíř, olympic gold medalist from Soul (1988), serves as the chariman.

The club has 150 stem members, each having voting rights at the annual members‘ meeting.

The tennis club committee is consists of nine members, who are elected for two-year terms.

Currently the committee’s members are as follows:

Chairman : Miloslav Mečíř

  • Evžen Balko
  • Vladimír Krno
  • Ivan Macák
  • Branislav Maťátko
  • Filip Polášek
  • Branislav Stankovič
  • Marián Vajda
  • Radka Zrubáková- serving as the secretary of the tennis club

The committee meets once every two weeks. Memorandums of the meets are available at the secretary’s office.

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